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zum: PREMIUM corner module
PREMIUM corner module | Kataloški broj: RF-003P-11860-9003
Ime proizvoda:PREMIUM corner module
Kataloški broj:RF-003P-11860-9003
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PREMIUM corner module

Corner module provides the ability to connect two PREMIUM tables. As a result users obtain one integrated workstation contributing to improvement of space management.

  • Comes together with ESD table top
  • Max load capacity: 100 kg
  • Stepless height adjustment: 670 - 1120 mm
  • Additional suporting leg provided as an option for higher load capacity
PREMIUM corner module
Perforated vertical frame is one of primary elements of tables accessories. Accessories such as shelves, plastic containers or perforated panels are mounted on frame. Perforation enables placing accessories on any height.
Cat. No W H
RF-008-0900-9003 900 1555
RF-008-2750-9003 1530 1555
RF-008-2900-9003 1830 1555
Mounting frame for the construction of undercounter
Cat. No W H
RF-008-09009-9003 900 900
RF-008-27509-9003 1530 900
RF-008-29009-9003 1830 900
Perforated frame design
  • It's confortable solution for tools and work materials placement
  • 3 vertical posts with table top support, ensures its stability, preventig from any deformation
TABLE TOP LEVEL RISER - DIMENSIONSKonstrukcja Premium mebli przemysłowych REECO
3 adjustment steps 400 500 600
  • Top leyer of tabletop: conductive laminate - higher resistance to moisture and scratches
  • Core: conductive, resistant to moisture
  • Table top assembly: threaded bushings
Cat. No W (mm) D (mm)
RF-007-12030-9003 900 300
RF-007-15330-9003 1530 300
RF-007-18330-9003 1830 300
Table top is an essential element of the whole table structure. The distinguishing feature of Reeco furniture is the ergonomic tabletop - unique solution to increase ergonomics of workstation. Table top is covered on both sides with conductive laminate (top and bottom layer). Edges are finished with scratch and impact resistant ABS material.
Blat ergonomiczny Reeco
Thanks to threaded bushings on the bottom side of table top, instalation to frames is quick and easy. Core of the table top is composed of resin and chipboard for robustness even under heavy loads. As a result of using the conductive core, table top provides protection against ESD throughout its structure.
  • Colour: RAL 7036
  • Top layer: conductive laminate, increased resistance to moisture and scratches
  • Core: conductive, resistant to moisture
  • Table top assembly: threaded bushes
Blat ergonimiczny Blat ergonimiczny
Cat. No W (mm) D (mm) Thickness (mm)
RF-005-12075-7036 1200 750 - 800 26,6
RF-005-15375-7036 1530 750 - 800 26,6
RF-005-18375-7036 1830 750 - 800 26,6

Rectangular table top is in conductive or dissipative laminate version (see below tables). Table top edges are made of ABS plastic resistant to scratches and impacts. Assembly to construction is made by threaded bushes.
Blat prostokątny Reeco
The table top structure, which consists of a resin and chipboard, guarantees durability even at highest loads. As a result of using conductive core, table top on its entire surface provides protection against ESD.
  • Colour: RAL 7036
  • Outer surface: conductive laminate, increased moisture and scratch resistance (applies only to table top with conductive laminate)
  • Core: conductive, moisture resistant
  • Assembly of table top: threaded bushes
Table top with conductive laminate Table top with dissipative laminate
Blat z laminatem przewodzącym Blat z laminatem rozpraszającym
Catalogue number Width (mm) Depth (mm) Thickness (mm)
Table top with conductive laminate
RF-004-12075-7036 1200 750 26,6
RF-004-15375-7036 1530 750 26,6
RF-004-18375-7036 1830 750 26,6
Table top with dissipative laminate
RF-001-12075-7036 1200 750 26,6
RF-001-15375-7036 1530 750 26,6
RF-001-18375-7036 1830 750 26,6
Lamp rail is also modular element, enabling use of few elements at the same time or compleatly reconfigurate work stand. Thanks to special hooks, rails are mounted to the perforated frame post, which provides practically any adjustment of lamp distance from the table top.
Uchwyt lampy i balansera Uchwyt lampy i balansera
Lamp rail 
Rail is adapted for fitting a dedicated lamp with LED lighting. Thanks to well-thought-out design, it ensures vertical alignment of light beam. 

Balancer/light rail 
Additionally bracket enables mounting a rail, to which additional tools such as electric screwdrivers with balancer or addtional fluorescent light can be mounted. 

Available options:
  • LED lamp + rail 
  • rail + rail
Catalogue number Width (mm)
RF-009-0900-9003 900
RF-009-2750-9003 1500
RF-009-2900-9003 1800
Quality of work place lighting can have a significant impact on operator's productivity. It contributes to reduce the risk of error by 50-60% and can lead to performance increase by 10-50%. Reeco lamps thanks to using LEDs are characterized by low current consumption (energy saving) and longer service life. Emitted light does not cause eye fatigue, reflections and shines.
Ergonomic LED lighting designed according to European EN12464-1 standard.
  • Colour temperature: 5700K
  • Luminous efficacy: 105 lm/W
Catalogue number Width (mm) Power (W)
RF-015-0900-7021 900 60
RF-015-0900-7021-SL 900 48
RF-015-1500-7021-SL 1500 60
RF-015-1800-7021-SL 1500 48
SL- SLIM type lamps
LED lamp models (1500 and 1800) have the ability to partially turn off lighting crating shadow free (3D) effect.

Catalogue number Width (mm) Power (W)
RF-015-1500-7021 1500 (3D) 120
RF-015-1800-7021 1800 (3D) 140
This product has been meeting requirements contained in PN-EN 13150:2004 and PN-EN 14727:2006 standards issued by Certification Centre of Timber Industry Products, certifying body accredited by Polish Centre of Accreditation 
(accreditation number: AC 098)