Den-On SC-7000Z desoldering tool

- Device for removing SMD and PTH elements - Handy, portable device with a built-in compressor - Durable, lasting construction - 230 V direct power supply - Good price - Included: nozzle with a tip diameter of 1.0 mm, triple cleaning pin, single cleaning pin, filter - 2 pcs. APPLICATION - Dismantling of threaded components - using nozzles - Disassembly of SMD components - Disassembly of SMD systems - using removal tips ADVANTAGES - Smooth temperature regulation and stabilization - Signaling reaching and stabilizing the set temperature - Antistatic protected housing - Engine and compressor built into the device (no separate stations) - Switch enabling immediate change of operating mode (suction-blowing), simultaneously with the regulation of hot air blowing power - Filter for multiple emptying of accumulated tin - A layered ceramic radiator resistant to 1000 ° C - Desoldering iron can work in any angle STANDARD EQUIPMENT - SC-7000Z desoldering iron - Nozzle (tip diameter 1.0 mm) - Filter - 2 pcs - Single cleaning pin - Triple cleaning pin