DDM NOVASTAR 1800HT reflow oven

DDM Novastar
- 4 vertical heating zones and a cooling zone - Lightweight 46 cm wide stainless steel conveyor belt - Recommended for medium to large scale board production - Built-in control computer - Optional nitrogen soldering - Easy to lift the lid with gas telescopes - Interior lighting and inspection windows - Optional adjustable edge hold conveyor for double-sided soldering ADVANTAGES - Medium in series - 4 vertical heating zones plus cooling zone - accurate soldering of the board in accordance with the programmed profile - Easy maintenance and cleaning - lightweight elements made of stainless steel - Simultaneous transport of many boards - transporter 46 cm wide - Gas telescopes make it easy to lift the lid - Full process control - thermocouple inserted with board, computer supervising the process (graph), interior lighting and inspection windows - Built-in computer with user authorization and the ability to program freely - a clear display allowing easy programming, supervision and use of many advanced functions e.g. programming the start of the cycle regardless of the operator's presence, multi-level security, memory of completed tasks STANDARD EQUIPMENT - 4 vertical heating zones plus a cooling zone - Cooling station - Lightweight transporter made of stainless steel, 46 cm wide - Stainless steel chamber - Inspection windows - Interior lighting of the chamber OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT - Oven stand with a locker - Edge hold conveyor - Profile setting kit (thermocouples) - Nitrogen soldering - PC-Interface