DDM NOVASTAR LE40V SMD pick & place system

DDM Novastar
- Benchtop pick & place machine - Cognex vision centering - Max. PCB dimensions 343 x 560 mm - Vision system equipped with two cameras: bottom and top with a resolution of up to 10µm - Placing of components: chip 0201 to 1206, melf, LED, SOIC, SOT, PLCC, fine pitch QFP, BGA and others - Compensatory correction - The maximum size of placed components 35 x 35 mm - 64 slots for 8mm feeders (96 with optional Bank Feeder) - Placement speed up to 3000 cph - Centering components on-the-fly with an accuracy of 0.0254 mm - Four (optionally eight) vacuum grippers with automatic change and recognition - Component lighting: 4 zones - Friendly, "learning" software running on the Windows environment - Possibility of applying glue or solder paste (option) ADVANTAGES - Multiboard panels support (automatic program duplication) - Reference point recognition with automatic position correction - Easy to program, change and use - The possibility of correcting the program during work - Virtually unlimited ability to remember created programs - Error indication with automatic cycle stop - Safety of use - Low purchase and operating costs - Easy to adapt to the individual needs of the user - Rich optional equipment, increasing production possibilities and comfort of work STANDARD EQUIPMENT - Pick & Place machine - A computer with a monitor - Software - a device control program - Four-position automatic nozzle changer - Accurate positioning station - Gripper head - Four standard nozzles - CCD color camera - Compressor - Board clamps - Optical scale with digital encoder