DDM NOVASTAR MPP-11 manual pick&place system

DDM Novastar
- Manipulator for manually placing SMD components - Ergonomic design allows for long work without signs of hand fatigue - Ergonomic design ensures efficient continuous work for both right and left handed users - Expandable device - Standard model equipped with paste/glue dispenser - Manipulator stand as an option - Max PCB size: 3565 x 356 mm - Stick feeders and tape feeders: tape: 8, 12, 16, 24mm | stick: 8, 10, 14mm APPLICATION - Assembly of SMD, PLCC, QFP and BGA elements - Paste/glue dispensing ADVANTAGES - Easy-to-use - Quick positioning of the element - Additional lighting of the location point of the component - Large adjustment possibilities - 4 modes of paste/glue dispenser - Quick change of hand for left and right hand employees - Ability to work in line STANDARD EQUIPMENT - MPP system - Paste/glue dispenser OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT - Vision system - Feeders - Additional board holder - Containers and trays for items