DDM Novastar SPARTAN 8D wave soldering machine

DDM Novastar
- Compact benchtop soldering unit with optional base - An economical and efficient solution - Built-in control computer - Soldering in a combined and through-hole technology - Recommended for small and medium scale production - Working with lead-free and leaded materials - Double-wave version - Flux tank: 2 litres - Max. wavelength: 0-10 mm - Max. wavelength: 203 mm - Max. heating temperature: 170°C Heater1 / 220°C Heater2 - The power of the first heater: 2.25kW - The power of the second heater: 1.5kW - Max. Soldering temperature: 300°C - Max. lead-free soldering temperature: 350°C - Warm-up time: 40minute - Max. Transport speed: 2m/minute - Pallets: 200x290mm - Ventilation efficiency: 500m3/h., 100mm flange diameter - Crucible capacity: 90 kg - Crucible power: 3.2kW ADVANTAGES - An economical solution for industrial soldering - Compact design - Microprocessor control: programming and saving of profiles, reporting of process errors, internal and external device operation accounts, user authorization STANDARD EQUIPMENT - Wave soldering device - Built-in control computer - Compressor - Dual forced-air heating - Wave and flux sensors - Collecting of binder excess - RS-232 interface OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT - Working with unleaded binders - Base - Air knife for collecting excess flux - Additional pallets - Extended pallets - Soldering in nitrogen shielding