DDM NOVASTAR SPR-20 stencil printer

DDM Novastar
- Fine adjustment of single and double-sided printed circuit board position - Stable metal base with X, Y, Theta adjustment knobs - Adjustable counterweight for easy template lifting - Polyurethane squeegee - X, Y adjustment: ± 12.7 mm - Theta adjustment (rotation): ± 3 ° - Z adjustment: four support points with 0 - 19 mm adjustment - Templates can be installed in frames up to 508 x 432 mm - Maximum print area: 305 x 380 mm ADVANTAGES - Compared to applying pastes with dispensers, it significantly improves quality and efficiency - It avoids mistakes when working with "fine-pitch" systems - Precise system for positioning the template to the board - precise manual settings, template adjustment in the X, Y, Z and THETA axes - Extremely easy and effective operation - the effectiveness of the process does not depend on the operator's efficiency - Double-sided boards can be produced using additional handles - Significant reduction in production costs - the printer does not require templates with a frame STANDARD EQUIPMENT - Squeegee equipped with a polyurethane squeegee and handle - LEXAN board for precise system calibration OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT - "Foil-frame" - adapter for mounting templates without frames - Metal squeegee - Set of stands for two-sided printing