DDW NOVASTAR SPR-25 stencil printer

DDM Novastar
- Benchtop, manual template printer with double squeegee system - Mounted on a bearing-bearing guide - Automatically switching double squeegee with adjustable angle-of-attack allows very precise application of solder paste. - X, Y adjustment: ± 12,7 mm - Theta adjustment (rotation): ± 5° - Z-adjustment: one knob 0 - 16 mm - Possibility to mount templates in frames with dimensions up to: 584 x 584 mm - Maximum print area: 406 x 457 mm ADVANTAGES - Sturdy metal base with adjustment knobs X, Y, Z, Theta - Frame lifting supported by gas telescopes - Double squeegee with adjustable angle-of-attack - Precise guidance of squeegees with ball bearings - Automatic repositioning of the squeegee for forward and reverse movement - Maximum print area: 406 x 457 mm - Greater precision of paste application - Greater repeatability of production STANDARD EQUIPMENT - Double polyurethane squeegee - Standard frame for stencil insertion (internal dimensions: 520 x 520 mm) - Corner holders for stabilizing the board - The LEXAN® fixture for precise system calibration OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT - Foil-frame" - adapter for mounting templates without frames - Metal squeegees - Set of stands for double-sided printing - Vacuum board support system during printing - Stand with cabinet