Den-On RD-500V BGA rework system

- Maximum PCB size: 500 x 700 mm - Minimum component size: 01005 - Three heaters: upper: 1000 W convection, lower: 1000 W convection, horizontal: 600W x 6IR 3600W infrared heaters - Excellent positioning precision: ± 0.015 mm - Highest quality optics - Protection to prevent PCB deformation and overheating of the component - Efficient and advanced software - Solder paste application kit included - Excellent process repeatability - Two-point cooling system ADVANTAGES - Profile creation using pin temperature measurement (e.g. solder balls) and the upper surface of the component - Accurate temperature measurement with five thermocouples and computer analysis prevent component overheating and ensure selection of the most effective process parameters - Advanced optical system, controlled by software from a PC, guarantees precise positioning of the component