CARTON T-44P trinocular stereo microscope - magnification 10X-44X

- Magnification range in standard configuration: 10x-44x - Zoom range with optional lenses: 2.5x-140.8x - Interface for connecting external devices, e.g.: TV, computer, camera, etc. - Base width: 220x284 mm - Large (infinitely adjustable) distance between the lens and the object being observed - Ergonomic design, allows convenient observation for the user - Free adjustment of the head - tube inclined at 45° with the possibility of 360° rotation - The design allows for the installation of lighting - Field of vision from 23 mm to 5.2 mm - Working distance: 90 mm - Tube inclined at an angle of 45° with 360° rotation - Adjustable eyepiece spacing: 52-75 mm - Upper lighting: none - Low-location lighting: none - Max. height of the object: 250 mm ADVANTAGES - Favourable price/performance ratio - Stable and comfortable base - The microscope's design and extensive optional equipment make it possible to expand the microscope in almost any way you like - Cooperation with software for conducting and analysing measurements STANDARD EQUIPMENT - Eyepiece head - A table with a tripod - Rubber caps for eyepieces - Cover - Adapter for connecting a camera OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT - Adapters - Cameras - Lenses - Focusing eyepieces - Lighting - Lenses - Tripods and tables