- Type: protective clothing, anti-electrostatic, ESD - Material: fabric 065 - Composition: 34% cotton, 64% polyester, 2% carbon fibre - Cut: unisex - Type of fastening: covered springs - Sleeves: rubber trimmed - Pockets: inner right-hand side - ESD marking: on the chest pocket - Structure: grid 5x5 mm - Weight: 160g/m^2 - Colour: blue - Size: L - Clothing shall conform to harmonised standards: PN - EN 1149 - 5:2009, PN - EN 13688 and PN - EN 61340 - 5 - 1 - Protective anti-electrostatic clothing is designed for work in conditions where it is required to drain the electrostatic charge from the human body. During work, a person wearing clothing dissipating electrostatic charges should not undo or take it off. Antistatic clothing must completely cover the wearer's clothing. The wearer of antistatic clothing must be properly earthed (e.g. by wearing suitable footwear or a wristband connected to a grounding bus). The resistance between man and earth must be less than 10^8 Ohm - Custom sizes: on request - Custom color: to be agreed - Customer logo: embroidery (optional)