FORBO Colorex SD/EC PLUS antistatic flooring - tiles

- Homogeneous PVC flooring (tiles) - Can be installed on any surface - Quickly adapts the facility to EPA requirements - installed without the use of glue - Possibility of standard joining (puzzle) or by heat welding for a hygienic surface - Tile thickness: 10.5 mm | Tile size: 608 x 608 mm - Electrical resistance: 2.5 -10^4 < R < 10^6 - Assessment of the electrification capacity of the footwear: 20 V ADVANTAGES - COLOREX EC PLUS. Permanently conductive floor fixed without adhesive with copper tape. Compliant with the safety requirements of the man in footwear - flooring system - COLOREX SD PLUS. Permanently dissipative floor fixed without glue using copper tape - Wide range of colours - Lifetime guarantee of conductivity - Full repairability and spot removal - Unique dimensional stability - Benefits of low plasticiser content and therefore extremely low emissivity - Highest hygiene properties, high density and smooth surface without pores - Resistance to high loads OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT - Corners - Plinth belts - Skirting boards - In-tile frames - Welding ropes