GOOT RX-852 soldering station

SOLDERING STATION WITH MICROPROCESSOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Perfect for work that requires high power - High heat capacity - The fastest in its class - Easy and quick blade exchange - Tips with a thick layer of galvanic coating - "Sleep" mode - "Auto power on" function - Auto off function - Password protected settings ADVANTAGES - Combination of a 150W heating module with a high sensitivity sensor - 350°C achieved in 14 seconds! - Snap-in tip, without the need for any tools or heat resistant pads - A wide range of tips with galvanic coating to prevent corrosion - "Sleep" mode - the possibility of defining the period after which the unused station reduces the temperature of the tip. At the same time, the station can wait for auto power off. - "Auto power on" function - "station" sleep is interrupted when the processor detects a temperature change on the tip, e.g. when the tip touches the soldering point - Auto off function - the user defines the period of inactivity of the station after which the station will automatically turn off - Password protected settings STANDARD EQUIPMENT - RX-852 soldering station - RX-85GAS iron with ST-22 tool stand